DAILY COMICS:(atleast 5 times a week)


Something Positive: Because Chemo-Kitties Need EXTRA LOVE!! Go read it Now!
Dominic Deegan: Oracle for hire. Great drama good humour
Kevin and Kell: Wonderful funny strip. Good art and even better story.
Schlock Mercenary: Omminous Hummmmm. ROFLOL!!
Devil's Panties: Semi autobiographical and very VERY funny
Sluggy: Isn't everyone supposed to have a link to Sluggy?
Irregular Webcomic: The very best lego comic out there.
Overdue Media: Best library comic ever!
User Friendly: The OTHER comic stapple.
Least I Could Do: A bit adult but very funny.
Evil Inc: What can I say I'm a sucker for mad science.
Questionable COntent: Great art and good story.
Legostar Galactica: The other really good lego comic.
Real Life: Great semiautobiography.

WEEKLY COMICS: ie. (2-3 times a week)


Zortic: What I like to think of as the OTHER green space ship captain.
Free Fall: What can I say? DOGGY!!!
Gene Catlow: Call me Fan Boy
Order of the Stick: BEST stick figure comic!
The Whiteboard: Great paintball comic
RH Junior's Comics: Multiple comics here including Goblin Hollow, Questor, Nip & Tuck, and Camp Calomine.
Short packed: Toys, drama and comedy!
Mindmistress: A steel clad super genius superhero.
Baredsworth: A young man in a magical school with lots of humour
Faans: It was one of my favourites and I am glad it is back
A Girl and Her Fed: Massive improvement in the art and still fun
Girl Genius: Steampunk mad scientist girl kicking butt
PS 238: Gradeschool kids with superpowers and great stories
Punch and Pie: Life in a toy store
Times Like This: Time travel fun
Dawn of Time: Dinos plus time travel fun
Everyday Heros: Life as a super family
Think Before You Think: Mindreading fun
The Other Grey Meat: Who said the zombie appocolypse can't be funny
Left Over Soup: Cooking with fun roomates

MONTHLY COMICS: (at least 1 a week)

Fight Cast or Evade: Mmmmmm Portia!
Sacred Pie: Three slackers out to save the universe.
Sabrina: A must read
Miracle of Science: Just ended but good
Wandering Ones: Post apocolyptic drama
Magellan: Good superhero strip
Angels 2200: Future all female war
21st Century Fox: Techno geeks in the future
3 panel soul: New strip good artist
GPF: if only he'd go back to being a daily strip
Pink Parts: NOT SAFE FOR WORK but fun stripper comic
Customers Suck: Updates Sparodically but still good and funny
Imy: Rockalicious
Sidekick Girl: life as a sidekick to a ditzy super hero
Super Temps: Life as a super villan evil but cute
Alone In A Crowd: beware of the excessive cuteness
Sequential Art: Cute girls and strange roomates
Troops of DOOM: Toy based humour and fun
Special School: school for super heroes
End Town: Survivors of a body changing mind altering end of the world war
Fusion: super hero just starting out

Comic Lists

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Other Links


Zero Punctuation: Game Critic who is HILARIOUS!
Escape to the Moviesn: Movie Bob's has good eye for films
Big Picture: Movie Bob's thoughts on stuff, fun and funny
Extra Credits: Insightful look at the inner workings of games
Lisa Foiles Top 5: She's funny you should be watching her!
ENN: Funny fake gamer news show
Loading Ready Run: Great scetch comedy
Bean Publishing
Science Fiction Weekly
THE Evil Overlord LIST
Al Mackey's Photoshop Tutorial
Side Reel: A good link to watch shows on line



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