Fan Art


My very FIRST bit of Fan Art

by Bill Charbonneau of Voices in My Hand

Mike and Jet

Mike and the Crew

by L.A. Sinclair of The Legend of Chucko Liang

one of my biggest/best fans!


Gene Catlow Fan Art Page

An amazing strip! I love it.

Got Luck?

Zortic is another funny weekly strip I love to read. When I first started reading it I came up with the idea to draw this parady of those milk ads.

Space Marines

As they are!

Fight Cast or Evade is just too funny. I checked out the gallery page on his site and I saw a pic of Yerzle as a space marine and I just had to do a cast shot as space marines. Then I had to do a cast shot as they are.


FromUnder the Lemon Treethis is Sheldon the personification of the man character's intellignece. Don't look at me to explain it go read the strip for yourself!

Industry Standard

Help Desk at Ubersoft is a Evil place to work at, a horrible place to try to get tech support from, but it's a great place to watch. Styled after the most obvious source it is just a fun little romp, just ask Blinky the helpful Paperclip. Go check it out.


Faans is a great strip! The dynamic between the various characters just keeps me coming back for more. Someday I might get this good.

A 2 part fan art!

Wapsi Square is a funny sexy little strip. I ran through the entire archives in one night.


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