The Try Luck

Mike Greenleaf
Species: Frog
Homeworld: Kanada
Occuption: Captain of the Try Luck
Comments: CEO of Greenleaf Transportation Corporation. Transports high value cargo through dangerous territory but
primarily works as consultants to solve problems for various business. They also employ and fund the research of the Mad Scientist Doctor Lillabon. Currently their services are under contract to an interstellar conglomerate.

Dr Lillabon
Doctor Elanor Lillabon
Species: Human
Occupation: Mad Scientist/Inventor
Comments: A sort of "Ex" mad scientist. Highly skilled quantium physicist.
He has pioneered a new drive which out performs all other FTL engines by a factor of ten.

Jet Oshi
Species: Bunny
Homeworld: Japanal Occupation: Security
Comments: Member of the Tagon Swordmasters and is himself a master with the sword. Also a pilot of considerable skill.
A highly trained and skilled millitary officer who worked black-ops. He is responsible for the crew's combat training.
Married to Yukiro and they have a dughter named Star.

Yukiro Oshi
Species: Rabbit
Homeworld: Lapinasium
Occupation: Med Tech
Comments: Trained xenobioligist emergency med tech she is responcible for crew health. Married to Jet they have a duaghter named Star
She is also responsible for maintain the company's social media presence.

Steve McHolland
Species: Human
Homeworld: Formitarn
Occupation: Ship's Engineer
Comments: Highly competent engineer with several degrees to his name. Also works with Dr Lillabon
in her lab as an assistant. Trained with Jet and is an above average marksmen. Owns his own a small
video game company.

Species: Korthian
Homeworld: Korthia
Occupation: Pilot
Comments: Youngest member of the crew. Least skilled member of the crew.

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