About ME

me sort of

Well shit, what do I say?
Lets start off with the basics. That sunds good.
My name is Kevin G Brown (KGB). I'm proudly CANADIAN. I was born in Windsor Ont. but am currently living in London Ont.
I split my time between Loblaws, and this comic.

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I just Graduated from fanshawe. I now have a degree in accounting.
At Loblaws I work in the grocery department as a clerk. I get along with the rest of the staff pretty well.
As for my "goals" in life all I really want is to be happy. I'm still a little fuzzy on the how.

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Vital Stats:

Birthday: July 31
Hair/Eye colour: Brown
Sanity: Questionable
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Drawing
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Movies: The Matrix, Shaweshank Redemption, Goonies
Favourite Authurs: David Weber, Tamora Pierce, Laurell K Hamilton, Rick Cook, Lois Mcmaster Bujould

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